21 October 2009


So, I leave for Australia in 5 weeks.
Shit, that's not far and I cannot be the
chubby American girl. For gods sakes its
summer over there. So i have decided to join
a boot camp thats at 5 am during the week. Brutal yes,
but how am i supposed to work in an office, sew 50 orders,
and work out...pa-lease. If i could only bring a spin bike
to work. Or maybe i should just have more sex or sprint from
my desk to the copier and lunge from my drafting table to the
sewing machine. My goal is to look like Marrissa Miller, and
magically im going to get taller and grow epic size breasts.
I just want to frolic on Stradbroke island without a care in
the world, come on body of mine!
Tune: Huskey Rescue- Summertime Cowboy