27 October 2009

Fendi And a Side of Toast, Please

I'm usually not a fan of high end mainstream designers, but i just watched the Milan 2010 recap video and I'm literally dieing on how much i love everything.

Fendi2010: That detailing, and how it is so inspired by vintage lounge wear is my taste to the T. I would wear every single piece. So girlishly vintage, like you would find them in grandmas dusty chest. I love love the color pallet and how meticulous the detailing is on every garment, I'm so being a Rachel Zoe right now but I DIE. I'm even a big fan of the hair. Ahh i need to get rich quick! I know I might be getting too crazy about clothing when I start to get this crazy-girl feeling that I desire it so much, I want to eat them or I start to look out the window for the nearest bank I can rob. I know I'm not the only one who gets that feeling, i'v heard lovers say "your so cute i just want to eat you" or my girlfriend and I heard once "Man, I just want to bottle you two up and keep you on a shelf in a little jar" Yeah, just like that... strange...but I get that feeling about clothes sometimes...and beach houses.
I probably just lost so many followers...sorry...i really wouldn't ever eat clothing :)

Very StoneColdFox steeze with the studded jewelry and silks.

Gucci: Wonderful

Tune: Elliott Smith- Ballad of Big Nothing