22 October 2009


Today is already bad. My little oreo of a mini cooper broke down. Its going to cost me thousands to fix. Not good for me. No. No. No. Then after my mom (thanks mom) drops me off at work they start yelling at me for leaving to go make clothes at home after hours of straight working, no lunches. I just want to yell "FUCK YOU! That's what I'm going to do with my life, not sit on the phone with banks!" This is why working my ass off will pay off someday, because I'm too stubborned of a person to work for anyone. I just need to open a factory with a bunch of creative people who are motivated to do something cool and no one pushes any one around. Everyone hangs out on vintage couches in a warehouse and creates different things and it just all happens. My face literally looks like hers, deer in the headlights...your telling me I CAN'T? They just don't know how hard it is to put in a sleeve on the shirts their wearing.

ewa aulin20

Tune: Devendra Banhart- Owl Eyes