05 October 2009

melrose et fairfax

Grrr its Monday, and I had another wild weekend in LA imagining I had my own fashion studio there, going to fittings for Stone Cold Fox and partying bad at night. We went to the Melrose Flea market on Sunday and it was a dream. Old records playing, bought a mannequin for 26 bucks (what a steal),a rad turquoise necklace with carved coyote bone that was made by the cutest Native American woman and a white vintage Chanel purse. I wanted to buy this insane cow skin and drift wood bench but $850 is a little out of my budgett right now. I didnt know flea markets were another suto-fashion show place, i rolled out of bed with my ripped jean shorts and fringy sandals but there were girls there in Balmain wedges ...sheishh were buying things from old dead heads and hippie pac rats while listening to Crosby Stills Nash and Young in the distance...I obviously still have the San Francisco girl inside me. Use Tea Tree oil. smoke a joint and run in a field barefoot LA!