19 October 2009


Hiii, so my weekend went pretty well. Our photoshoot looked rad, especially with the rechid fox ears i tried to make in ten minutes. I don't know about my hair color, but its about the clothes, right? Saturday, we headed up to LA to get fabric which always gives me anxiety fronting hundreds of dollars in hopes to get orders, but we will. Did a lil shopping at Barneys because i had a fat credit there. I got this perfect cut-out dress by Wayne. Very saucy but at the same time, not. Got some sushi then went to some club bar thing where everyone was in black (as was i) and trying to be the cool guy. It was fun though, getting loose, inhailing capris, dancing to old songs. I really enjoy getting hit on my Guidos too, there pick up lines are pretty great.."Soo do you like clubs or house partys better?" Was a fun time...untill my tequila bar bill was one hundred-10 dollars. I dont even want to think about it but it looks like im staying at work longer this week. Sunday was nice, just lounged, edited photos and brought an Italia Vogue into the bath, put my french music on and lit gardenia candels. Bah and now its Monday, they already got my starbucks order wrong and i need to get my business woman hat on. Ha sorry, i have major attitude this morning. I wore my new thigh high boots to work today, maybe not the best idea at a law firm filled with 50 year old men...have a lovely monday xo