23 October 2009


Matthew: "I was one of the insatiables. The ones you'd always find sitting closest to the screen. Why do we sit so close? Maybe it was because we wanted to receive the images first. When they were still new, still fresh. Before they cleared the hurdles of the rows behind us. Before they'd been relayed back from row to row, spectator to spectator; until worn out, secondhand, the size of a postage stamp, it returned to the projectionist's cabin. Maybe, too, the screen was really a screen. It screened us... from the world. "

Still one of my favourites...probably because it has cinema, velvets, long cigarettes and its in France. Everything i love. Also, because they try and immitate the beggining of Michelangelo Antonioni's, 1966 film "Blow Up" in their intro.

Tune: Brigitte Bardot- Comic Strip