03 November 2009


So I'm home, and my San Francisco trip was just what I needed to get away. Just hung with all my old friends, returned to the same great seedy bars and walked around the flourishing city. It was around 85 degrees the whole time, and there is no place better than SF when its hot out. After crashing on couches for a few nights, we stayed at this hotel that was janky and gardeny... complete perfection (besides cramming 3 people in a double bed). I was a lace-love bunny for Halloween, but I sort of wish I was something else. Upon my return to all my favourite vintage stores, I found these great burnt-orange bell bottoms, a Mexican clutch, floral jumper and some great over sized sweaters. Maybe it was just the holiday weekend, but I have never seen so many cute guys in the city. They were a bit harder to find when I lived there. During the days, we laid in parks, ate at the cute cafes, record shopped, drank too much and picked out old architectural apartments we all would live in. Even our Virgin America flight was fun, they had Black Lips and Portishead on their playlists and Acai flavored vodka. Felt good to be back, but also made me realize I'm in a whole new chapter of life. Ready for Australia in 27 days. Till next time San Francisco. xx I'll put up my poloriods soon.

Tune: Portishead- Silence