03 November 2009


My favorite store of all time in SF is Neda's on Haight street.
They have the most beautiful taxidermy items, jewelry and independent
vintage sellers. I have scored some pretty amazing things there. Over the
weekend I tried on this insane blood red velvet Victorian dress that had
a million buttons going down the back and it fit me like a glove. Very
Courtney Love/Vampire/1800s-esk. Bah, but I didn't buy it due to the price
and it was falling apart. Being a seamstress sucks, you start to notice all
the little flaws then it makes me not purchase the item. Yet now I cant stop
thinking how cute it would be with my ivory Chanel purse, matching deep
YSL lipstick and a giant vintage turquoise ring. Dammit!

Tune: Courtney Love- Gutless