25 November 2009


For the past 6 days I have been working my ass off for our first in store order. Non stop, wake up at 8 am, go to bed at 2 am drive to LA, drive home, cut, cut, cut. I'm completely going nuts.... I even cant find this specific fabric that I use for a dress and it can't be reordered. Fuck Fuck Fuck. So I go along with my working day, I found this lace that I fancied, expensive but I bought 25 yards of it. Because I'm strange, I decided to cut each piece (70 total) hand wash them, then hang to dry, just so they would smell nice and be that much softer. It took the entire day to cut them out and when they were dried, I noticed they looked a bit smaller than usuall. After putting each piece up to the pattern work, every single, all 70, all 25 yards, lots of money that I earned from sitting in a horrible office and working at a shitty cafe... shrunk to BABY size!!! That entire work day, gone, money, gone, time, gone....I literally had a hot flash like some 60 year old menopausal woman and felt like punching someone, well me for fucking up. Nothing I can do, taking a breath and moving on...just not a good time to "learn from your mistakes." I need a hug and I might just be switching to children's wear...bah-hum-bug.

Tune: Miss Kitten and The Hacker- Stock Exchange