12 November 2009


My lovely older sister and fellow blogger, runs Sprouted Kitchen. Her, and her love-man who does wedding photography (HughFortePhotography) teamed up to put her delicious, healthy recipes and his beautiful photographs on a witty food blog. I'm pretty lucky to score a taste every once in awhile when she leaves me little samples in my fridge. Let me tell you, they are excellent. I love how we were both brought up by a strict attorney but both ended up in creative fields. Must be my art-teacher mother who seeped in there, although, we grew up on microwaved foods so I don't know where she got this interest :) Shes beautiful and talented and we share a love for cashmere, anti-age products, Kai perfume and being the occasional meat sneaking vegetarian. You would be crazy not to try and make a recipe. SproutedKitchen.com

Tune: Nico- Chelsea Girl