22 November 2009


Good morning my loves. I woke up this Sunday feeling like I got ran over by a bus. Friday night after my last day of work, I met with my partner in the DP harbor for some happy hour martinis and a business meeting. 3 martinis in, we had so many new ideas where were going to take SCF. Decided to go to this Newport cocktail party, threw on my lace bell bottoms and shoulder pad top (kind of my uniform lately) and we all showed up feeling no pain and started to enjoy the open bar. Next events were somewhat of a blurr, I remember nice people liking my blog, that my top reminded people of their moms, sailing around on a duffy boat with a large amount of people and ending up at a dive bar called the Anex, and closing it down with tequila shots and dancing. All a great, needed wild night, until I rolled over off the blow up bed at a friends house, onto a large wine glass and sliced by back open pretty deep. Thank god for tequila, I actually thought it was funny at the time until I woke up the next morning needing stitches and had the most intense headache in the world. I had to get my self together because we were going to LA all day to get the fabrics for our new order. So exciting, but not when you have to pull over every 10 minutes to barf. Sorry, maybe too much information but I was in pain! We got downtown picked up a few of our fabrics very slowly and ended up becoming new best friends with an owner of one store. After running around, we ate at Vienna Cafe on Melrose which is now my new favorite. Used to be Kings Road Cafe, now its Vienna Cafe. I suggest you order the salmon. After I thought I saw a flying saucer, we headed home half dead and started cutting out orders.... Now Sunday, I continue working, still hungover with a giant slice on my back... oh well, a scar to remember my funny night. I see a long bath later today. Enjoy your Sunday xx

Tune: The Kinks- Sittin' on my Sofa