06 December 2009


Sheshhh, weekends around here are pretty dull. Especially when you trying to save money for a trip, sort of saving myself for Oz. I worked a lot, got our order back from the manufacturers and iv never seen so many Stone_Cold_Fox pieces on one rack, its quite exciting. I did the night time Christmas things, and spiked our coffees with whiskey and Kahlua. Sat at friends houses and watched old Black Flag and Cramps documenteries. Really nothing to write home about. On Sunday, my dad had tickets to a UCLA vs KANSAS game, so I brought my girlfriend, grabbed some champagne and an apple and went. Don't like sports at all, I don't do peppy, but it reminds me of my cheer leading days way back when. Yes, I was a cheerleader but I had some gnarly punk rock hair and probably was the grumpiest looking girl on the court. Whatever, I needed p.e. credits and I could do lots of flips. Anyways, we stayed for about 5 minutes, picked out which tall basketball players we would snag behind the bleachers, then left to go to what we do best. Shop. Found some great vintage dresses, so that sort of made my day. Anyways, I sound completely dull, have a lovely Sunday xx

Tune: Ladytron- He Took Her to a Movie