14 December 2009


I had kind of a depressing Sunday i must say. For some reason when I'm about to leave town i get all moopey, like I'm about to die and feel it will be my last time seeing loved ones. I can watch jewelry commercials or Verizon commercials about some kid who lost her dog and i just loose it. To top it off I went to see Everythings Fine, which i thought was a Christmas movie, but it was a movie about family, death and sadness and it was just too real for me, i was Miss. Waterworks the whole time. Then i come home to Dexter, my favorite show but it had the most depressing ending that I couldn't sleep the whole night due to nightmares the killer was going to come slice me up. Thennnnn, last but not least I watched Californication, i love Hank Moody and that show is making me move to Venice when i return, but oh, what a sad sad ending. I hate when season finals are sad, shock me but don't made me weep!

Tune: Rolling Stones: She's So Cold