09 December 2009


The greatest thing about working for your self and out of your home is, i do what i want. Even though i work 11 hour, pretty stressful days, I wear boys boxers and my dads old cashmere sweaters all day, almost everyday, unless i have a date or something or maybe a meeting which really doesn't happen too often. I drink champagne while sewing, make tasty lunches and if i feel like taking a little break to do whatever, i do. Me and my partner play fun music and do little dances here and there, i think its a great working environment and were going to keep it that way. Fun work. I spent the entire day today sewing new clothes for Oz and new things for the next SCF collection. I might actually get dressed tomorrow and go buy people x -mas presents, well see.

Tune: Elliot Smith- Ballad of Big Nothing