02 December 2009


So a few years ago, me and an old lover-friend Alex Knost teamed up to do a little Mother Mary photo re-enactment that he painted over and it ended up being in a great art show. Also selling for a large chunk of money, it was on the back of a RVCA shirt. I didn't even know until I was shopping one day and my girlfriend goes, "Cyd! That's you." It was exciting at the time, but the best part was when I was at an airport, months later to fly to San Francisco I assume, and I saw a complete stranger wearing the shirt. Because im such a dork, I followed him and was like "Hey you know that shirt your wearing?" "Uhhh yeah?" "That's me on the back..." he didn't care...at all. Why would he. Anyways, it was the littlest thing but now when one day, if I run into a random in SCF, I think I'll hold off on embarrassing my self over my cheesy excitement...

Tune: Syd Barrett- Rats