08 December 2009

mele kalikimaka

Love the family tradition Christmas night I just had, picking out the ugliest tree in the lot and going out to a nice dinner. Kinda makes me sad I wont be here, but its ok i guess, many more to come. Just makes me think of me trying to sleep in my sisters bed on Xmas eve but kicking me out because I squirmed too much, my parents wrapping our presents in newspaper, looking over the stairs at the lime green Nickelodeon blow up chair I once asked for, sneaking into the den where the presents were hid when my parents were out at some cocktail party and wearing the new matching flannel pajamas my mom got us just for that special night. Now, we don't wake up at 7 am to see what Santa put under the tree, we sleep in, now we ask for things like money, socks and new underwear, and appreciate it more as a day off to lounge with the fam rather than the childish excitement of some fantasy world down in the cold South. Man, being older kinda sucks. Someone needs to have a baby in my family.

Tune: Van Morrison- Sweet Thing