17 January 2010


Errr! Im being timed on the internet and i absolutely hate it, when I leave I feel like my life is being timed as well. I took a shitty shuttle with all my bags to Brisbane and checked into my hotel. It is quite nice for the price i paid, 3 rooms and a kitchen on the top floor with city scape views. A room like this at home would be quadruple the price. As soon as i got in, i did laundry, walked around naked, re-oraganized my clothes,took a shower, bought some vodka, vogue cigarettes and baked beans and watched the movie Crush as i feel asleep. What else do you do in a town where you know no one, and you finally have some space to your self that is not some randoms couch. I woke up today, had cereal and coffee in bed and i have been walking around Brisbane, trying to find the Paddington street vintage shops and just sort of wondering the streets like a lost dog. This is good for me, i could probably be one of the shyest people in the world and i actually have to go up to strangers and ask questions. Maybe ill go to a bar and grab a drink alone tonight, well see how ballsy i feel. Sydney tomorrow, and im looking forward to it xx
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