21 January 2010


Hola. So I'm back in Sydney, and its been pretty wild. Stayed at the Beach Road hotel for a bit and now off to our friends pads. We met up with some American friends and went to Darling Harbor, stopped off at bars along the way and ended up trying to sneak into the Opera house. Was probably the funnest day yet, and at night we went to this seedy bar and had a wild time. Meeting tons of lovely people and eating at great places, hanging at the Iceburgs pool and South Bondi. Drinking wine and chatting till the late hours. Our friend Alex who runs 4th and Bleeker, and us, are going to do a full on photoshoot for Stone_Cold_Fox new items. Exciting. Surry Hill...amazing vintage stores. Beaches...to die for. Yet the most amazing place was the Camilla Beach House store. I couldnt believe how beautiful every item of clothing was. Off for more adventuresxx