01 January 2010


Heyoo...NYE was different...went down to the creek with everyone and floated around on blow up toys. Drank champers and rum sodas and tried paddle boarding. I like it. We went to a friends house party after, drank sugary drinks, got dull so we hopped on a bus down to the beach to watch all the fireworks on the coast. It was pretty magical, i felt like one with the earth feeling the warm waves on my feet, sourrounded by people yet i couldnt see anyone but the city scape all along the coast at dark. Ate meat pies after and woke up on some vintage yellow couch. Starting to get a little homesick but it will pass, and i think Sydney's the place for me. The Syds are meant to be together. Were going to see Cat Power at a bar in Coolangata tomorrow, so I'm looking forward to that and going to the Byron Bay markets on Sunday xx Happy New Years my loves. xx