16 January 2010


Hola. So just got back from 4 days adventure in Byron. Our hostel was beautiful and i would definitely recommend everyone to stay there before you die. We rode bikes to light houses, art factory's to grab drinks and listen to reggae dj's spin. We saw some amazing Didgeridoo band play and the Beautiful Girls the next night. It was quite fun, just the air there makes you feel good. We celebrated too, because after Stone_Cold_Fox was on the featured front page of the Planet Blue website, we sold out in 4 days! Drinking to that. We caught a ride back to Mermaid beach, booked a ticket to Sydney for this week and I decided to go do some traveling alone. Sweet but sour situation, so i booked accommodation in Brisbane and going to do wondering the city, finding your self, designing, solo time. I did new york for 2 months alone, I can do a couple days. Who knows when ill be back on the Gold Coast in my life, but it was lovelyxx

Tune: The Standells- Dirty Water