31 January 2010

put. yer. boots. on.

Hola me amors. Things down under are good. The Monster Children art show was great and it was in the city so it made it even better. My new favorite store is South West trader in Paddington. Unreal. Iv been doing day trips, walking around the city, going to museums and drinking wine under trees, while looking at the Sydney bridge and the Opera house. Quite surreal. We took a ferry to Mannly to meet some friends at a pub and ate the Australia's version of a tostada late night. Booked my ticket to Bali and I finally leave this Friday. Been sketching a lot and going to try to get some boots and things I couldn't make, made. Although I have run quite low on money.. it's going to be like putting food in front of a dog and telling it not to eat. Grrr. I'm realizing so much on this trip about what important and seeing so many beautiful places. Defiantly starting to feel the stresses of getting this new collection out. Enjoying the time while it lasts xx