10 February 2010


Hola. The elephant riding was amazing, and so was the cafe we ate at over looking the Indonesian volcano. We traveled into the jungle where they make coffee, tea and coco and tried all the different kinds and they rolled us natural tobacco as we sat in little huts. Ginsing tea is my new favorite drink. Last night we went to Seminyak to eat at a place called Bali Cafe, its all white and cottage like with crochet lanterns and shabby chic furniture with Moroccan chairs. The sushi was amazing. Picked up some of the clothes i got made, some great, some not so much, but I guess you cant guarantee anything in Bali. Today were going to a French owned hotel on the cliffs in Bingin called the Temple Lodge. You stay in little huts, and its all decorated with hand painted furniture. Looks like the best of the best home decorations from Anthropologie. Cannot wait...but only 5 more days here! Tear.