20 February 2010

.Dont smoke that, smoke this.

Hola. So im still in Sydney, but happily moved back to my love Skyes pad. Her house is just so cute, i feel at home here. Its getting towards the end, 8 days left to be exact and when you can't afford a cup-of-noodles, its time to go home. Just been catching up on my tan before i head back to the states, visiting the places i need to see and sleeping in so i don't spend or eat as much food. I figure that will work. We went to a dinner party last night at a friends house, and i had such a lovely time. Wore one of the newer Stone_Cold_Fox dresses and met some great people, smoked ciggs and danced to rockabilly music on the wood floors. Its almost been 3 months, and i havnt got sick until today, or maybe its just a massive hangover. I guess all this house hopping, airplane flying, living out of a suitcases and over drinking has finally caught up to me. Just can't let the fun stop....because im hibernating when i get home to work. Speak soon xx