07 February 2010


So wow, even more in love with Bali now. I met this guy who is making a custom jacket for me and we went back to pay him and he was tripping on shrooms. I hope he doesn't forget to sew on a sleeve or something. Then we walked around the streets just being tourists and met some more tailors because I'm trying to get this Ellery mixed with a Chloe suit made....they ended up driving us on the back of their scooters through forests to different fabric stores to customize it. Sort of my dream day...Drinking rum and pineapples and meeting all sorts of wonderful people and lots of strange ones. Staying up late in the night smoking cigars, designing in my sketch book on a beautiful lush balcony. I could get used to this. Today we rented a driver for the day and he took us to see these amazing temples, beautiful beaches, saw baby monkeys that we could hold and ate the cultural food with his whole family. Amazing, every day is just so surreal. The air just feels good, smells somewhat like incense, but it's just great here. Till next time xx