03 April 2010


When I thought about being 23, I imagined I would have it all figured out with work and love, Yet, this past week was weird, stressful and a bit discouraging. Ya know those weeks when just nothing is working out, you cant find what you want, things don't turn out how you imagined and then everything that is a miniscule problem, seems much larger? Maybe? Anyways, yeah one of those weeks...been too much in my head, but things are looking up now. Im about 2 garments away from finishing the new Stone_Cold_Fox collection and iv started to get that giddy feeling of excitement. Brainstorming new ideas and visions i want for the company to go. Starting to see all the time and work transform into beautiful garments. I guess feeling a bit off your rocker sometimes, can make the good things seem that much better, not only in work, but life as well. I think iv just been listening to too much Radiohead and Stevie Nicks but I feel like giving everyone who's there for me a big smooch!
(me, last year with thinking cap on)

Tune: Beck- Still Missing (Royksopp Remix)