16 May 2010


Whaaat a weekend. We wrapped up the end of the week with some in-store showings that went really well. Im loving the responses were getting. Friday, we headed to LA for another showing with Planet Blue. Even though i think EVERYTHING should be picked, I was surprised at the items that were and were not ordered for their stores. Velvet is FABULOUS all year round, especially the cranberry velvet short shorts we have, a definite summer staple that stylish girls need. After the showing and some fabric shopping, we had martinis at Spanish Kitchen, then met some girlfriends for a happy hour at another Mexican joint. We all got on the tequila and grapefruits, went home later and got all the girls dressed in white SCF gear. We rolled into a dark club all looking pretty angelic. Had too much fun celebrating my best friends birthday. We all got pretty loose. Woke up at 7 the next morning and hopped on the 101 to Paso Robles. A family friend of mine was getting married on a beautiful vineyard. Me and my "date" were at the singles table, and boy did we haveee fun. It was completely romantic, I was getting all waterworks during the ceremony then switched to being the girl in the center of the dance floor singing "Put your hands up and SHOUT!" The festivities continued late into the night at the hotel bar, and it was great catching up with life long friends that i don't see too often. I cannot wait to someday get married, I'm a sucker for romance, but my sister is next...she is recently engaged! Yahooo. Loveeee is in the air. Back home now, and ready for some R and R with my pug xx