10 May 2010


Heyooo, so the new collections out, if you don't know, please look at TheStoneColdFox.com and check it out. Iv been a busy bee sense then, store orders, look-book making, personal orders, accounting, cutting, sewing, blah, blah, blah. It doesn't stop. But i do enjoy it. Cinco De Mayo was fun, went out with my bests and had a taquito of a time. Visiting LA a bunch finding fabrics, and drafting a dress to wear for a wedding im heading too this weekend. Mothers day was lovely, set the table like a beautiful garden with fresh white flowers and bright place mats, while my sister and i made seared ahi, asian salad and an asparagus kinoua. Deeelishious. Also went to some friends art show in Costa Mesa, Sea Jive, and had a very groovy time. Been thinking about my weekly vintage shop stops in San Francisco i used to have, so when in LA, i did a quick popp into Wasteland and scored a vintage jean jacket, a 1960s psychedelic print dress and some arizona pink Fendi bell bottoms that im so stoked on. Oh and SCF is on twitter now, Im a little embarrassed, i was so anti but you gotta do what you gotta do for biz-nass...so follow us at twitter.com/TheStoneColdFox . See yous xo