05 November 2009

Thurs- is the -Day

I woke up in a good mood today, which is rare, you usually don't want to speak to me until after 9am. I put on some high waisted pants that I wore in high school, a leopard crop top and went to work with my hazelnut coffee and Trader-Joe's salad. I got moved to a larger cubical at my morning job and actually can see the sunlight now. How delightful. Until me, the non-office type, walks by an open doored meeting filled with suit and tie types, that I trip over my stupid high waisted bell bottoms and fall on my face...infront...of...everyone. Of course that would happen to me, I'm not already the black sheep on the office. Thank you fucking pants. I rushed back to my box with my red face and wrote down what I had eaten today. Why? because yesterday while cramming my vintage collection into my tiny closet, I put Tyra Banks Show on and listened to her blabber in her jive about getting healthy. She was making the over weight audience chant mantras about loving your body and then yelled at them about writing down what you eat. Now at 10:45am, I almost have enough chicken-scratched down for the entire day. Great. As long as there is room for my afternoon tequila:)
Tune: Muddy Waters- I Gotta be Satisfied