05 November 2009


Scooting through the racks of Barneys in LA, I came across a perfect black wool cashmere cut out dress. Fit great, so of course I bought it. It is one of those dresses that is still hanging in its garment bag, waiting for the perfect time and place. I would have more pictures up but when you search for Wayne, you get lil Wayne, not-even-remotely-close. But check out her website (WAYNENYC.COM) Her latest 2 collections are stunning and i love her inspiration write up.

Inspired by punk music and science fiction, WAYNE is a collection that reflects the designers futuristic concept of dress. The collections possess the functionality and transformability necessary for the creative woman. WAYNE represents an image that is androgynous, sexy, lean, and intelligent.


Tune: LCD Soundsystem- Someone Great